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Residential Windstorm-Hurricane Annual Insurance Policy

Zephyr Insurance Company is a specialty property insurance company which offers one product — an annual Residential Windstorm-Hurricane Insurance Policy. Zephyr’s policy provides coverage only for the peril of windstorm during a hurricane. Coverage begins when a hurricane watch or warning is issued by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service for the island where the insured property is located, and continues for the duration of the hurricane and ends 72 hours after the watch or warning is canceled.

Zephyr’s policy offers the following coverage for your Hawaii residence:

Dwelling Building

Other Structures

Personal Property

Loss of Use / Fair Rental Value

Additional coverage includes Debris Removal, Reasonable Repairs (cost incurred for necessary repairs to protect covered property from further damage), Collapse (direct physical loss to covered property), Property Removed (direct physical loss while removed from insured location) and Ordinance or Law coverage (up to 10% of the limit of liability that applies to coverage A for the increased costs you incur due to enforcement of any ordinance or law).

The Zephyr policy provides for replacement cost coverage on buildings and structures under Coverage A and Coverage B subject to coinsurance. For an additional premium, Zephyr also offers optional coverage endorsements such as Personal Property Replacement Cost (includes coverage for major appliances that are not in a fully enclosed building), Economic Demand Surge and Ordinance or Law (additional Limits). Rate credits available include Wind Resistive Devices, Uniform Building Code Credits, Loyalty Credits and Deductibles. Deductible options range from 1% – 5%. Credits are available on 3% or higher.

We strive to provide competitive rates. Zephyr’s rates are reviewed and approved by the State of Hawaii Insurance Division to assure financial soundness.

The Zephyr Residential Windstorm-Hurricane policy can be obtained at over 80 appointed agencies through any of our agent representatives, comprised of independent and captive agents.

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